Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 20!

I will begin this by saying that Jude is already a spoiled baby. He got presents at Christmas from my family and I know have his glider all set up in his room and he's got a bunch of clothes and toys! I can't wait to finish decorating his room and finish my baby registries. I'm currently trying to figure out a place to have my baby shower. Any suggestions would be great!

How far along? 20 weeks! I'm officially halfway there!
Total weight gain/loss: 3+ lbs
Maternity clothes? Pretty much every day now. I like how comfy they are and how they don't dig into my belly like regular clothes do. I can still wear some pre-pregnancy shirts though.
Stretch marks? I think I found one.. but Ben said I was crazy..
Sleep: MUCH better now that I got my bobby pregnancy pillow for xmas :)
Best moment this week: Christmas with the families :)
Miss Anything? Getting christmas presents that I could "play with", I'm just too grown up now!
Movement: I can def feel Jude squirming in there!
Food cravings: Fruit Roll ups/fruit by the foot/gushers and Lemonade!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mexican food
Have you started to show yet:  Yes and I'm starting to look more "rounded" according to everyone at work.
Labor Signs: Nope
Middle Name decided? Yes. NOAH.
Belly Button in or out? In.. but slowly starting to 'flatten'. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Stressed a lot but happy!
Looking forward to: New Years.. still not sure what we will be doing


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 19

How far along? 19 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: 3 lbs!
Maternity clothes? All the time. I hatttteee even wearing pants with a bella band. maternity clothes are just so more comfy!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Would be better if Ben didn't take up the whole bed and all the covers and wake me up when he gets home.
Best moment this week: Work Christmas party :)
Miss Anything? Being able to drink at the Christmas party... 
Movement: A few floating/tickling feelings here and there
Food cravings: Chocolate/cookies... lots of lemonade and citrus fruits.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mexican food made me sick on Sunday :(
Have you started to show yet: oh yes!
Labor Signs: Nope
Middle Name decided? Not yet, Ben wants his middle name to be Benjamin but I'm still pretty set on Noah. 
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Stressed a lot but happy!
Looking forward to: Christmas on Saturday :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

18 Weeks... It's a....BOY!

So, Id' like to start and say that we are SO excited to welcome our baby BOY into our family in May! His name is going to be Jude Hill and we THINK the middle name will either be Noah or Michael. We are leaning more towards Noah as of now. It was so amazing seeing our little boy dancing around in my tummy and hearing his little heatbeat. (and it's so great to call him a he rather than it!)

How far along? 18 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: 3 lbs! I weighed .5 lighter this time at the doctor!
Maternity clothes? oh yesss
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: not so great since Ben takes up ALL the bed...
Best moment this week: Finding out our baby was a BOY :)
Miss Anything? Drinking with my friends.
Movement: Some tickles still
Food cravings: a lot of sweets!
Anything making you queasy or sick: burritos
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!
Gender prediction: No more predicitions.. it is a BOYYYYY
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Other than a not so happy day on Friday.
Looking forward to: Finishing my baby registries and decorating Jude's bedroom!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

17 Weeks!!

I know this is really late, but here is the 17 weeks update I was unable to post because we had no internet!! 

We finally got moved into the townhouse and that was so exciting!! It's so nice to finally have a place that our child will call home. I can't wait to start until unpacking and organizing everything. I can't wait to find out the sex so I can start decorating the baby room. We are so close!!

How far along? 17 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: 3.5 lbs!
Maternity clothes? My mom bought me a bunch last weekend so now I have quite a few shirts/pants. These pregnancy jeans are awesome!!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Good except I think I hurt my lower back moving so it's uncomfortable to be on my back while sleeping.
Best moment this week: Moving into our townhouse :)
Miss Anything? Being able to help more with moving.
Movement: Some tickles
Food cravings: Friday night I craved macaroni salad from HT, Cream Soda and Pizza Rolls... all at once.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Random fast food and eggs/mexican/japanese
Have you started to show yet: yes!
Gender prediction: Had TWO ultrasound dreams that it was a boy so now I'm thinking it's probably a boy!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy mostly.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender!

Friday, December 2, 2011

16 weeks :)

So yesterday I was 16 weeks! I had my first prenatal appointment finally. First I found out about payements (yikes), was asked a bunch of questions by a nurse, had my blood drawn for like ten minutes (YIKES times a mil), met with a doctor then had an ultrasound! She printed me two pictures but they didn't really turn out that great. But it was really awesome because the baby is so big now they had to do one over the stomach and the little thing was moving around like CRAZY so it was hard for her to get a good picture. 

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 3.5 lbs!
Maternity clothes? still bella band and I just got two maternity shirts in the mail from my black friday purchases at Target and will wear one tomorrow :)
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Pretty good except getting up once or twice every night to pee :/
Best moment this week: The ultrasound where I saw my perfect baby squirming around like crazy!
Miss Anything? Having a glass of wine.. or two.. and being able to eat Japanese food without wanting to puke. 
Movement: I feel random tickles or gas-like feelings. 
Food cravings: Ice cream and water :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs and mexican and japanese
Have you started to show yet: yepppp
Gender prediction: had ANOTHER dream I had a little girl.. so I'm thinking girl. But I'm kinda starting to want a boy more...
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender on the 15th! 

And now, for my belly pic from yesterday!

of AN avocado I mean ;)

Bird's Eye View aka a picture of it's big ol' head.

Not-so-great ultrasound pic

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 15

I would get all dressed up and show my face/put on makeup to update you all on my belly status, but I am sick :( So I am lounging. I did put on that sweater so it looks like I'm semi-decent ;) Being sick while pregnant is less than ideal since you can't take hardly any good medicine since most harm the baby. So it's been awful! 

I've been reading a baby blog I've found on Pinterest and have decided to steal these questions from it and to start updating weekly at least with these and probably a baby pic :) I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday and I'm really hoping to find out the sex of the baby but I'm not sure if they will do an ultrasound. We will see!

How far along? 15 Weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure since my scale is broken! I will have to update this on Thursday when they weigh me! As of my last doctor's appointment I had only gained 2 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Wearing my bella bands like crazy and one pair of maternity pants for work but I can still wear most of my shirts. I just ordered some  maternity shirts yesterday on sale. 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleeping great minus being sick
Best moment this week: Getting my insurance card for December 1st! 
Have you told family and friends: Yep
Miss Anything? Drinking... especially on thanksgiving when my grandparents came down and they made Rum cake and I couldn't have any :( 
Movement: Nothing yet :(
Food cravings: LEMONADE (ALL THE TIME!) and sweets and sometimes fruits. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs and mexican food and a lot of other random things.
Have you started to show yet: I think so for sure but if I wear certain things you can't tell. Definitely feeling chubby!
Gender prediction: I've been having dreams that I'm having a girl but last night I had a dream that I had an ultrasound and it was a boy... so now I'm not sure! 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender, feeling the baby move and moving into our townhouse so I can decorate the baby room! :)

And just for laughs:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


First off, my work knows I'm pregnant now and they are all so supportive so I'm so lucky! My manager said I can have off whenever I need to for doctor's appointments. I also finally told my grandparents so everyone in my family knows and they are happy for me! I've been offered TWO cribs from my Gram and my Aunt Jennie. A lot of people have offered to give me toys and clothes and such. I'm so excited :)

As for the doctor, I've found one that I'm really happy about thanks to my boss's recommendation. I went this past friday because of pain and it turns out everything was okay! They did an ultrasound and it was so crazy seeing my baby since last time it was just a blob and now it looks like a baby!! Here is a picture from my ultrasound. 
Such a cute little peanut!

My next appointment is December 1st :)

As for names, I'm going to need some help (especially if it's a girl!). We have a girl's middle name for sure and a boy's first name but we need a girl's first name and boy's middle name. Elizabeth was Ben's sister's name and I've always loved the Beatles and I love the name Jude... not to mention Jude Law is sexy!! haha

So if you read this entry, PLEASE VOTE for which names you think are best :)

If it's a BOY:

First Name: Jude (Liam was our second choice but I think we've settled on Jude)

Middle Name: Not sure! Levi, Noah or Michael are possibilities but we are open to suggestions :)

If it's a GIRL:

I had always said I was naming my first girl Sophia (nicknamed Sophie) and my second girl Lena (pronounced LEE-Nuh)... but Sophia is so high on the baby name lists, I'm not sure anymore..

First Name OPTIONS: Sophia (Sophie), Lena, Estella, Corabelle, Livia, Izzy, Adara, Layla, Mieke (pronounced MEEK-Uh)

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Just keep in mind that the baby's last name will be Hill!



PS I'm still in love with yard sales and have gotten even more baby clothes!

PPS Here's my bumb as of yesterday!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So I know it's like really early in the pregnancy to start looking for baby stuff... but I can't help myself. And if I can get ANYTHING at a yard sale, I'm totally there. Luckily, babies don't judge you for buying used and yard sales are soooo cheap and I'm the definition of a bargain shopper! ha! 

So here are my finds the past two weeks (baby-related finds that is):

As far as my baby bump goes... I'm finally getting one... although there is a layer of fat there too haha... here I am at 10 weeks!:

I also was in Barnes and Noble the other day and saw this book. I've got to buy it on my nook... if I have any scientific excuse to eat a lot of sweets, I'm totally down! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Babies Babies Babies

I've been super stressed the past week and have been crying/yelling/arguing like crazy for no apparent reason. While I'm upset that my travel plans are put on hold for a while, I'm finally starting to feel okay about being a "mommy".... okay, maybe not the mommy part yet but I'm getting there! I've been extremely lucky thus far to not have any morning sickness although the naseua has been pretty awful (especially when I smell or even THINK about certain foods - like scrambled eggs for instance- yuck!). I have had the horrible mood swings, crying for no reason, food cravings beyond belief (Just last night we had to go all the way to walmart because the two grocery stores near us were closed and I just NEEDED kettle corn and root beer... and ended up needing oranges too once we got there. Weird, I know.) and extreme fatigue and back pain. I have always been someone who could sleep forever but lately it's like I could be sleeping all day and be perfectly content. I do any kind of moving around and I want to nap for ages. It sucks! 

I am starting my new job at Wells Fargo on the 12th and I am just praying that I can handle the 8:30-5 days without wanting to fall asleep. It kind of sucks being pregnant and no one knowing because I feel like they think I'm fat or lazy and really, I CAN'T HELP IT! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do and I'm just not ready to tell the whole world that I'm expecting. Especially since making it through at least 9 weeks or even the first trimester is a hurdle and I'd hate to go back to a million people and have to say J/K I'm not pregnant..  That would just be TOO MUCH for me to take.

So in the mean time, I'm going to see if I can find an OBGYN that I like and continue to stalk everyone on facebook who is pregnant or has newborns because they are just too cute! 

Look at me, I'm finally saying pregnant people are cute. And to think, just last month I wanted to throw up when I saw a pregnant belly.... 

We're gonna be PARENTS!

Friday, September 30, 2011


A week ago I went to an OBGYN because my doctor set up the appointment. It was an OBGYN I had researched and heard good things about so I wasn't really worried about it.

Well, I should have been. 

We get there at 9:30 for our appointment and after filling out paperwork, they informed me that my doctor hadn't even told them I was pregnant. Apparently, they needed more paperwork from my doctor because he hadn't sent any files. So by 11:10 and still not having seen a doctor and Ben having to be at work at noon, I went up to the girl again and explained we really had to go soon. She informed me that we were about to be called so we waited another five minutes and finally got called back.

The nurse asked a couple questions, then told me to get undressed from the waist down. I did as I was told and then the doctor came in and told me to get dressed and meet him in his office because he didn't need to do a pelvic exam since I just had an ultrasound... talk about awkward.

So we go into his office and he is completely rude with us because I can't make his appointments he scheduled for me for my 9 week ultrasound because I am starting a new job that week and he basically says something to the affect of "I don't mean to insult your intelligence but I don't know how many ultrasounds you've done before but in my career I've done blah blah blah and until you hit 9 weeks, there is a huge chance that your baby won't be there before that." Basically trying to tell me that I'm going to have a miscarriage. 


So now I don't know what to do because my insurance won't start until December 1st so at this rate, maybe I won't get another ultrasound until then? I don't know if I'm missing other steps in the process either though because I haven't had any "tests" done on me like blood tests or anything and I just assumed that was standard.

I don't know what I'm doing!! Is there some sort of timeline I need to use about when I do stuff? 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I cannot even describe to you what it feels like to see your baby on a screen and seeing it's little heart beating. Unbelievably cool.

I went this morning to have an ultrasound done because of the weird pain I've been having. They were checking to see if maybe I had a cyst or ectopic pregnancy. The ultrasound tech didn't have anything to say so if anything were wrong, I'm pretty sure she would've told me or my doctor might call me. But she printed out a picture of my little "blob" so here it is... Ben & I's baby it :)

Well I will keep you guys posted! I have my first OBGYN appt on Friday :)

As for other news, I got a full time job that starts in October and I'm so excited! And they are even letting me off so I can still go to NYC/Boston for my birthday weekend! So yay for that news!

I guess that's it! 



Monday, September 19, 2011

Abdomen Pain :(

So I've been experiencing sharp pains in my lower right abdomen since the 11th and it's been worrisome. Since I didn't have a kidney infection and the urgent care doctor told me it was normal to have the pain, I didn't really think much about it. But since I've been told my a couple people that sharp pain like that isn't normal, I finally made an appointment with my general doctor today. 

After putting pressure on the area of my abdomen that really hurt and me almost crying/screaming, the doctor told me that I was really tender and shouldn't be in that area and that the pain was definitely not normal. I had to do a urine test to check for infections and they are scheduling an ultrasound for me to see if I possibly have a cyst or ectopic pregnancy. Another option is that I may have appendicitis but that is less likely since I don't have a fever and I'm not throwing up. But if it gets worse, I have to go to the hospital.

So right now, I'm waiting for the results of the urine test and to get an appointment with an OBGYN so I can see what is wrong. It would be really unfortunate after I'm finally getting used to the idea of being pregnant if something was wrong with the pregnancy.

I will keep you posted on what happens!


Friday, September 16, 2011

I don't have a kidney infection? I'm pregnant? WHAT?!

I went to the doctor on Sunday to see if I had a kidney infection since my lower back was in pain and my bladder hurt when I had to pee. We waited for about two hours just to see a doctor at urgent care, I took a pee test and she told me that I did have a kidney infection and prescribed me three days worth of anitbiodics. On Tuesday, I was still in pain and the lab called to tell me that they didn't find anything wrong with my pee. Apparently, I didn't actually have a kidney infection but they told me to come back in a day or two if I was still experiencing pain. Well, needless to say, the next day I was... and just for the heck of it (since my period was a couple days late) I decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. I went straight to CVS and bought a different kind of test and an hour later, took that one. It was positive also. Oh great! This was not what I had planned...

I went straight to the urgent care and Ben met me there. The doctor told us that you are more likely to get a false negative than a false positive. He then asked if I wanted to do the pee test or blood test. If you know me at all, I am always looking for ways to get out of having any kind of needle near me and since he told me that pee test is pretty much as accurate as the blood test, I went ahead and did a pee test. It was positive.

First reaction? FML... then oh crap how do we afford this? what about Scotland for Grad School? Are we ready to be parents? Should we put it up for adoption? Would we make good parents? 

After a few hours and now a couple days, it's finally starting to sink in. I think, for the most part, we've ruled out adoption since we had planned on getting married and having kids anyway and it wouldn't make sense to give the child away. I'm slowly starting to get more and more excited. I went out and bought a pregnancy journal and a book about saving money during pregnancy/first year. Ben and I have a lot of love to give and who cares if we aren't married? We had planned on it and we still will one day but we are going to take things as they come, one thing at a time... and this is the first... baby #1... So here's to nine months of waiting for either little Jude Levi or little Sofia Elizabeth (or whatever name we decide on by then)... 

I'll go to the OBGYN in the next couple weeks and hopefully find out the due date. I don't plan on finding out the sex until it's born although Ben says he wants to know before. I just always wanted to find out the day of for my first. Keeps it fun.

Well, I really have to pee so I'm done with this first entry.

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my crazy journey to come! I'm so scared/excited!

-Katie :)