Tuesday, November 15, 2011


First off, my work knows I'm pregnant now and they are all so supportive so I'm so lucky! My manager said I can have off whenever I need to for doctor's appointments. I also finally told my grandparents so everyone in my family knows and they are happy for me! I've been offered TWO cribs from my Gram and my Aunt Jennie. A lot of people have offered to give me toys and clothes and such. I'm so excited :)

As for the doctor, I've found one that I'm really happy about thanks to my boss's recommendation. I went this past friday because of pain and it turns out everything was okay! They did an ultrasound and it was so crazy seeing my baby since last time it was just a blob and now it looks like a baby!! Here is a picture from my ultrasound. 
Such a cute little peanut!

My next appointment is December 1st :)

As for names, I'm going to need some help (especially if it's a girl!). We have a girl's middle name for sure and a boy's first name but we need a girl's first name and boy's middle name. Elizabeth was Ben's sister's name and I've always loved the Beatles and I love the name Jude... not to mention Jude Law is sexy!! haha

So if you read this entry, PLEASE VOTE for which names you think are best :)

If it's a BOY:

First Name: Jude (Liam was our second choice but I think we've settled on Jude)

Middle Name: Not sure! Levi, Noah or Michael are possibilities but we are open to suggestions :)

If it's a GIRL:

I had always said I was naming my first girl Sophia (nicknamed Sophie) and my second girl Lena (pronounced LEE-Nuh)... but Sophia is so high on the baby name lists, I'm not sure anymore..

First Name OPTIONS: Sophia (Sophie), Lena, Estella, Corabelle, Livia, Izzy, Adara, Layla, Mieke (pronounced MEEK-Uh)

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Just keep in mind that the baby's last name will be Hill!



PS I'm still in love with yard sales and have gotten even more baby clothes!

PPS Here's my bumb as of yesterday!

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